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Missouri Foxtrotter Ruin 7 Jaar 150 cm Roodvos in Mount Vernon, KY
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Registered Missouri Foxtrotter Gaited Trail

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Rogersville MO 65742 USA
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De Missouri Fox Trotter is een gangenpaard uit de USA en beschikt over aangeboren gangenkwaliteit. Op het Ozark plateau werd het paard als werkpaard ingezet. Sinds halverwege de 20ste eeuw heeft het ras een stamboek. Het ras ontstond uit kruisingen met Morgans, volbloeden en Spaanse paarden. Later w ... Meer over het paarden ras Missouri Foxtrotter
Missouri Foxtrotter
7 Jaar
150 cm


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OPEN BIDDING ON THEHORSEBAY,COM. SALE ENDS ON 06/07 @ 3:40PM CT. More information is available on the website, including an UTD vet inspection, Coggins, video, images, and the owner's contact information to ask questions, request information, or make arrangements to come to visit.
Sunrise’s Red Pepper, or as we call him Peppy, is a gorgeous sorrel MFT gelding with a great pedigree! Peppy has been one of our all-time favorite horses! Peppy is the type of horse that takes a few days to take up with you, but you cannot ask for a better friend after he does. He will follow you around like a dog and loves attention. Peppy has great manners in the cross ties or being tied out. He has great feet and can go with or without shoes. He is currently just shod on the front because we are so rocky here. Peppy is also easy to saddle and will drop his head for the bridle. He stands dead still to be mounted from the ground, mounting block, or anything you can find. Ok, enough of the boring stuff. Let’s talk about what makes this sorrel horse so stinking special. This guy is a blast. He is so good-gaited and has one of the best lopes you will sit! He will do a very smooth ground-covering flat walk and a smooth fox trot as well and shake his head with every step. As I said, he has a phenomenal canter! He will pick up both leads, lopes circles like a quarter horse, and will fall right into it out of a walk. Peppy has a great handle. He will one-hand neck rein around, has a big stop, and will back as far as you want! Remember when I said earlier when he takes up with you that, you can’t ask for a better friend? Well, here is why I say that. You know, most friends are really just out for their selves 90% of the time. Let me tell you, that will not be Peppy! This guy will go anywhere and do anything you could ever want to do with him or throw at him. Want to go lope through the river? Sure, let’s go! Want to ride down Main Street in the middle of the day?  TO EASY!! That is just plain and simple, his attitude. He is a great trail horse that will take you up, down, or through anything. He is perfect in traffic and doesn’t care to work and earn his keep. If you want that fun gelding, that’s going to work as hard as you. You don’t want to miss out on Peppy!


Rogersville MO 65742
Homepage: thehorsebay

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